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Antivirus is the most important apk for android devices. It is very dangerous to using an android without any antivirus. Every android user should use an good quality antivirus for his phone security. Any one can– 360 security apk download for Android by his PC from this apk sharing website.

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App Screenshots: 360 security apk download for Android

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 60 security apk download instructions  360 security apk download

Features and instruction’s 360 Security – Antivirus Boost

More than 300 Million people use 360 Security apk apps for secured their phone and privacy. This apk is keep your device secured from different viruses and Trojan. This is not only an Antivirus, it always monitor any things of your device like as: background running apps, battery power and health monitoring, remove junk file in one click, monitoring your memory space and other etc. Do you understand why 360 security apk download is very important? Yeah! it is very important and all in one apk. So now done “The 360 Security APK Download”. And start enjoying a secured android mobile phone.

Most wonderful features of 360 Security – Antivirus Boost

  1. Security & Antivirus;
  2. Junk File Cleaner;
  3. Memory Boost;
  4. Power Saver;
  5. Anti-theft;
  6. Privacy and
  7. Real time protection etc.

Recently, android virus is rampant on internet/computer or memory cards (SD). There are many kinds of android virus are roaming on online such as:

Android latest viruses list:

A) Firstly see the Privacy Steal viruses:

  1. a.expense.vimob.a;
  2. a.privacy.lmlog.a
  3. a.payment.suad.a
  4. a.payment.DeathRing.a
  5. a.expense.SysPhones.a
  6. a.fraud.qqszfz.a

B) See the Malicious Service Orde viruses:

  1. a.remote.UpdtBot.c
  2. a.remote.UpdtBot.b
  3. a.payment.FakeCIQDetector.a

C) These viruses are damaging your Data in phone background:

  1. DD.ZXMar.A
  2. BD.BaseBridge.AK
  3. BD.BaseBridge.AL

D) These viruses are Control your android from Remote:

  1. a.fraud.GappI.a
  2. a.remote.UpdtBot.c
  3. a.remote.UpdtBot.b

E) These viruses are on kinds of “Badware” and prevent your from some android facilities.

  1. a.rogue.ApXXPusher.acs
  2. a.rogue.ApXXPusher.j
  3. a.rogue.ApXXPusher.g

Etc other viruses and Trojan is now available on online or any other memories. Fee Consume, Malicious Spread & Backdoor is also very dangerous for android devices and android user’s privacy. So every one should make secure first his phone and privacy. For this security we are share “360 Security with Antivirus Boost” apk for android user’s.

360 Security.apk Details:

App Name: 360 Security.APK
App Weight: 10.00mb only
Developed/Offerd by: 360 Mobile Security Limited
Current App Version: latest version
Supported Android version: 3.0 or later version


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