Download Android app Viber for Desktop windows-7,8,10,Xp, Linux & Mac

Android app Viber is availble for Desktop windows. Viber is very popular android app. Viber is a product of “Viber Media, S.à r.l.” The company has published the desktop version of viber. The Android app Viber is also support for Windows, Mac and Linux. We will share the both file.

Download Viber apk file for Android

Android app viber for windows mac linux desktopViber is available for Android phones as APK version. It is very easy to download and install viber on your phone. We have already shared an APK file for viber. You can download the the Viber APK file in easily. If you want to download the viber from google play store. You need an google account and an android phone with google play store. You also need sign in with your android phone by Google account in Google play store app. What a problem? But we share an apk version of viber in our secure server. You can download the viber.apk extension file in one click only. Just click the post link and download the Viber.apk.


Download Viber exe file for Windows-7/8/10 and XP

viber for windows xp 7 8 10 desktop pcThe android app viber is very popular in windows. We will share the desktop (windows) version of Viber. Windows is very popular computer Operating System. So the viber developers are build and published a windows version of Viber. The name of file is “Viber.exe” You can download the Viber exe file for windows in one click from our own secure server. Just one click only! Here for Download viber desktop (windows 7,8,10& xp) Vibers EXE file for windows is 100 megabytes only.


Download Viber setup file for MAC based Desktop PC

Viber-For-Mac-PC-ComputerThe android app viber is available for MAC Desktop/PC also! It is very easy to use viber on your MAC PC. Just download the MAC version of Viber and install it on your MAC PC. Download the android app Viber for MAC from our server in an easy way. Just one click download! So download the viber DMG file for using on MAC PC. The viber.dmg file is only 105 megabytes. Click here to download Viber.dmg. It is the latest version of Mac version of viber!


Download Viber setup file for Linux based Desktop PC


 The android app viber is available for Linux user even! We have shared the 64bit viber’s prm and deb. Any linux user can download the both file from our secure server. The viber.prm file is only 50 megabytes and the viber.deb file is only 60 magabytes. So it is very flexible for downloading data charge. Download links is here, Please click to download as you like Viber.prm  and Viber.deb.

Thanks to every body. Allah hafiz.

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