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There are many kinds of facilities on using of android devices. But the main problem is battery capacity or other battery problem. Most of the android phones battery’s are damaged with in few days. There are a large number of unnecessary app always running on android phones. These unnecessary apk apps are the main causes of waste android batteries. The main work of “Battery Doctor” is stop these apps and battery life has been increased. Maximum Android user use such kind of battery saver apk app on the android phone. At present,  more than 550+ million android and iOS user are use “Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)” for to take care of their batteries. Today i will share the “Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)“s apk version for using on android devices. I am sure this apk apps will save your battery and give a lasting life. This apk is 100% full free apps for your android and iphone!

App Screenshots: Battery Doctor apk-Battery Saver

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 Battery Doctor Battery Saver.apk user instructions  Battery Doctor Battery Saver.apk

Features and instruction’s of Battery Doctor apk-Battery Saver

  1. Over 550+ million download on android and iphone!
  2. User Friendly, so easy to use;
  3. Kill the all text by Task Killer kills in one click only;
  4. Toggle for Data/wifi/bluetooth connections;
  5. Defend your Juice;
  6. Control your brightness in a simple way;
  7. Remaining Battery Time, Accurately Estimates;
  8. See the 100% true battery remaining time;
  9. See the 100% true battery charging remaining time;
  10. rofessional Charging option available;
  11. Including Widget
  12. Various Key Features. Like as:
  13. Simple easy-to-use interface!
  14. Stooping the  unnecessary apk that wast your battery;
  15. Beautiful structure;
  16. More than 15 language supported;
  17. Set schedule power on and power off function;
  18. There are 3 Unique charging option;
  19. Stop all apk apps while screen is switched off;
  20. See your temperature of battery!
  21. Various tips for charging and other;
  22. For rooted user’s, CPU Management is available;
  23. Others facilities are available on Battery Doctor apk-Battery Saver.

So now download the apk file and start using on your android device. Enjoy your android device with a long life battery!

Battery Doctor apk-Battery Saver.apk Details:

App Name: Battery Doctor apk-Battery Saver.apk
App Weight: 24.00mb only
Developed/Offerd by: 360 Mobile Security Limited
Current App Version:
Supported Android version: 3.0 or later version

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    Battery doctor is very important software for android user. Thanks for share

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