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Download Facebook apk file to connect your friends and family members via your facebok apk install on your android phone. Facebook is an familiar word in our daily life. In the age of science & technology, it is very easy to keep touch with every one by using facebook. Facebook is a social networking website. By this website a man can make a Habitat, meeting place, dwelling place, haunt or a Cyber club. Now a day’s, facebook has a large number of registered  member. I will try to give a little explain about how to use facebook. Please see the tips below:

App Screenshots:

App Screenshot-1 App Screenshot-2
 download facebook.apk from pc   download facebook.apk from pc

Registration at facebook apk apps:

Any one can register on facebook. But minimum age required 13 years old. Less than 13 years old person can not register on facebook. For registration on facebook open the apk file of facebook from your android phone. Now click on the signup link to  fill up the registration form. Than go to your email inbox and click the verification link. Okey your facebook account registration has been completed 🙂 Otherwise you can signup via your mobile number. All of the operator’s numbers are eligible to open an account of facebook. Such as, Airtel, Vodafone and others all of the mobile phone network operator’s number are eligible for this.

Use Facebook from your Android and Facebook apk app:

You can use facebook from your Android device by using Facebook.apk apps also. It is very interesting and enjoyable to use facebook from android by facebook apps. Firstly download the facebook app (download link: end of the post) and install it on your phone. Now run the app and login by using your facebook user name and password. After successful login step you will find your home or feed page. Now you can enjoy the features of facebook.

Features of Facebook apk app:

  1. Fully user friendly, so it is easy to enjoy facebook for any one.
  2. You can make a chat like as computer or pc or laptops fb version.
  3. First and secure fb browsing.
  4. Easy and first for liking-commenting and sharing.
  5. Easy to make a full free audio or a video call to any other friends.
  6. Audio and video call quality is very gorgeous to other than any android app.
  7. See your friends photos-videos and status.
  8. You can make a share-comment or like your friends photos-videos or other any have shared.
  9. Share your own photos-videos and status to all other friends.
  10. Make a facebook page for your business institute.
  11. You can like others fb page.
  12. And any one can like your’s fb page also.
  13. You can get other facilities by using facebook.
  14. Free audio and video calls like as imo free video calls and chat and whatsapp apk or line or tango communication app. Also like as skype free video calls.


 Facebook.apk App Details and download from your PC:

App Name: Facebook.apk
App Weight: 12 mb only
Offerd by/Source:
Current App Version: Latest
Supported Android version: 1.5 or later version

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