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Download SHAREit apk file is very easy from our user friendly website. Shareit android apps is the world’s most suitable android app for communicate or file transfer between phones. It has also a pc version. So you can share your files within phone to phone, PC/Laptop to phone or phone to PC/Laptop with a heavy speedy experience. SHAREit is able for file transfer at up to 4 megabytes per second! so it is more heavyweight speedy file transfer android apps ever. You can share any app via sharit.

SHAREit is a popular file sharer software/apps. Most of the Android Phone user’s are using this app/software on his phone or laptop. Shareit has a PC/Laptop version, who is available now. So you can use this app on your Laptop or PC.

But now i will share SHAREit for you android mobile phone. This app is also available for iPhone, Pad, windows and Linux etc.

Download Shareit apk file and see Screenshots:

App Screenshot-1 App Screenshot-2
  download shareit apk  Download shareit apk features

Features of Lenovo SHAREit apk file

  • Transfer files by using WiFi network between two device.
  • So Share files without charge;
  • Not only wifi you can transfer files by using your Bluetooth;
  • Fully user friendly so it is easy to use;
  • Transfer Speed: Up to 4mbps!
  • Unprecedented files transfer speed;
  • Easily share any app even;
  • Support everything of you file manager. Such as: Apps, Games, Audio, Video, Image (JPEG, PNG and GIF etc), any documents, phone contacts and etc other.
  • Find the file to this directory: File Manager>SHAREit
  • A Separate folder for each file categories.
  • Find the transferred files in easy way.
  • Wonderful Structure.
  • Beautiful Options.

The popularity of Lenovo SHAREit is now going to high day by day. Because, it is a full free apps. SHAREit is full free on iPhon, iPad, Pad, Android and Windows even. So every one can use this software without any kind of charge! The major facilities is “using full free or free or charge“. That causes every smart device user’s are use this app for file transferring. If you have an Android Phone you can use it fully freely. Now download the app.

App Name: Lenovo SHAREit.apk
App Weight: 4.4mb only
Developed by/Source: Lenovo
Current App Version: Latest
Supported Android version: 1.0 or later version

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    Shareit is the awesome file sharing android apk apps. Can you share the pc version of shareit? that means shareit.exe

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