Download Skype apk file for install on Android

Download skype apk the best favorite and most usable free online base video calling application for android phone. Skype apk is an awesome android app for full free Internet audio and video calling. It  is the another product of Microsoft Corporation. Skype was published on August 2003; about 12 years ago. While android mobile phone operating system was published, skype has published an android version named skype apk file for the new android phone operating system. So now any android user can use skype apk apps on his mobile phone. If you have an android phone; you can use the app also.

Download skype apk file and see some App Screenshots:

App Screenshot-1 App Screenshot-2
 Download skype apk   free download skype apk and features

 Features of Skype apk file of android:

  1. It is 100% totally free for skype to skype audio and video calling;
  2. If you spent some credit (money) you will able to call skype to other mobile or any land phone of the world;
  3. Clear sound and video quality calling in low network places. Such as 2G network;
  4. If the skype call has drooped; the skype app will automatically attempt to connect again;
  5. Audio calling, video calling and Messaging even!
  6. Scree sharing option are available. Screen sharing option are very important for any one.
  7. It is very easy to create a skype account;
  8. Fully user friendly, so easy to use for everybody;
  9. When your friends are available on network, you will be automatically notified by skype ;
  10. Search you other friend in a easy search button by using friends mobile number, skype id or email identity;
  11. View recent call log, call duration and messaging history;
  12. You can use all of the mobile phone operator for data connections; all over the world.
  13. Etc facilities are available on the skype.

Recently Skype is increasing his popularity day by day. Because skype is the most suitable app for making a video or audio call to other friends and family member. It a very easy to your screen with any one by using skype. Most of the freelancer are use skype for call to his client for share his screen. Screen sharing is the most important things for every freelancer. So the popularity of  skype is increasing day by day. Here is also some same category apps like skype apk such as: whatsapp, Imo free video calls and chat, Viber free calls and others etc. We especially recommended above apps with voxox free call apps too.

Skype apk App Details Here:

App Name: MX Player.apk
App Weight: 33 mb only
Offerd by/Source: Microsoft Corporation
Current App Version: Latest
Supported Android version: 2.1 or later version

 Thanks a lot. Allah Hafiz

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  1. Tuto Marshal says:

    Good for video calls. Data charge applicable.

  2. Arnold says:

    Thank you for old version whats up

    1. Jonson says:

      I’m agree.

  3. Polash says:

    like an awesome app

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