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Allah has created us and gives us a Book of Guidance. the guidance is the “Holy Quran “.Al Quran give us a wonderful life. Every Muslim tries to make his life as guide of Holy Qur’an.apk. The Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SM). It is not just a Book; it is also a complete code of life or you can say “the solution to humanity”. The holy Quran is a part of our daily life. So the Holy Qur’an.apk is now available on Android phone as android apps!

We have already share more other al-quran apps. You can download.

Holy Qur’an.apk App Screenshots:

Here is some screen shots are available. See the screen shots.

App Screenshot-1 App Screenshot-2
quran apk english and arabic quran apk english and arabic

Features of Holy Qur’an.apk App:

  1. It is beautiful.
  2. Awesome translation of Al Quran
  3. It is very easy to use.
  4. Find of search any surah of al quran in easy way.
  5. Various Arabic reciters.
  6. you can use on phone or tablet.
  7. Reduce the cost of downloading because it is only 2.38 megabytes.
  8. App Speed is very fast.
  9. Navigation buttons are wonderful and easy to use.
  10. Beautiful Audio Quality.
  11. Awesome etc facilities are available on Holy Qur’an.apk .

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Conclusion of Holy Qur’an.apk App:

The holy Qur’an is a most important book for every Muslim. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) bring out the Quran from the almighty Allah.  It is not only a guide for Muslim society, All religious people can follow it. Its unique role to bring peace to the society . Every one should make his life according to quran. The Quran is the most powerful weapon for established a peaceful world. So we share the al quran android apps for attempting to make a peaceful world. It is an full free android apps who is .apk formatted software.

So you can use without any charge on your android operating mobile phone. So quickly download the apps and install on your android phone. But before download you should see the apps details: Holy Qur’an.apk

Holy Qur’an.apk Details:

App Name: Holy Qur’an.apk in Arabic & English
App Weight: 2.38mb only
Developed by: Clear Qur’an
Current App Version: 1.0.2
Supported Android version: 3.0 or later version


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