Download Learn Quran apk for Android to learn quran easily

Download learn quran apk to quickly learning the holy quran. Man is a social being. He is live in society. As a social being, everybody has religion. There are many kinds of religion in our society. Islam or Muslim is one of them. It is obligatory for every Muslim to learn Quran. So we are share an android app for learning quran apk. The android app is full free! So you can use or install on your phone without any charge!

App Screenshots:

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 Learn Quran full free apps  Learn Quran full free apps

Benefits of Learn Quran.apk

The Al Quran has 78,000 Arabic words totally. 125 words are use about 40,000 times. So if you learn the 125 words you will learn the English meaning 40,000 words of quran! So it is a easy way to learn quran in a short time.

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Features of Learn Quran.apk

  • Totally only 9 hour learning time;
  • 19 lessons for learning the 125 Arabic word to English meaning;
  • Surah Al-Fatihah and the last six Surahs of the Quran;
  • Wonderful learning system;
  • Various parts of Salah.
  • Gorgeous Design and 3d Buttons.
  • Basic necessary grammar
  • Others: Improve your iman by others lession.


App Details Here:

App Name: Learn Quran.apk
App Weight: 4.0 mb only
Offered by/Source: Salahuddin Shaikh
Current App Version: 1.8.3
Supported Android version: 2.3 or later version

Al quran is a most important book for scientist. The Holy Quran is a book of science and discovery. It is a store house of knowledge. Every man should learn and read it everyday. It is mandatory for a muslim to learn and read everyday. However, everyone should understand the meaning of the Quran’s sentences or words. The quran is the great solution for humanity. The almighty Allah give us to placing a peaceable society all over the world. This book is a symbol of brotherhood, unity and peach. The great Allah give us the book though prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sm. We should make our life according to quran.

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    I love read al quran. Excellent apk

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