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Messenger is the great Android apk format app for connect to your friends, family, business partner or others is a second! Messenger.apk is 100% full free for use on android. But it works on your data connection. So you need data connection/data plan for use Messenger app.

App Screenshots: Messenger APK for Android

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Features and instruction’ Messenger APK for Android

  1. Instantly connect to your friends and family;
  2. Share your photos and videos by a single click;
  3. Chat group is available;
  4. When you see other apps, at a time you can see your messenger’s message!
  5. Not only message or chat full free calling features is available also;
  6. Most of the countries mobile operator has announced that: The data charge of messenger is full free!
  7. But data charge is applicable on some of mobile operator in various countries;
  8. So contact to your internet service provider for details;
  9. The message sender is able to view when his partner is seen his message;
  10. Search your friends or people in easy searching system;
  11. Make a shortcut of any conversion on your homepage or android;
  12. Forward any message such as: Text, Audio, Video or photos in single tap;
  13. Always login, that means don’t miss or delay to see any message;
  14. See the people who are available on messenger;
  15.  To avoid disturbing on busy time, sleeping, working, education, romantic time or any other important times your can stop the notification.
  16. User friendly and easy structure as a result easy to use.
  17. Wonderful facilities for chatting or calling;
  18. Log in for one time. No need repeated login;
  19. Easy to creating or register a messenger account;

Messenger apk is increasing his popularity day by day. Up to 550 million people has installed messenger on their android operating system devices.  It is very popular for connect to the peoples. Messenger is available for windows phone or iphone also!

Messenger.apk Details:

App Name: Messenger.APK
App Weight: 24.00mb only
Developed/Offerd by: Facebook
Current App Version: latest version
Supported Android version: 3.0 or later version

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