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Download MX Player apk app for your android phone; to play HD videos on your android with a lot of video playing features. MX Player is the most popular Android app for playing any video file. It is support subtitle for videos also. This player is one of the most excellent player. This player is more better than any other media or video player. Because it has a large number of beautiful functions and facilities. Most of the Android user’s are use MX Player on their mobile phone. For many other people it is a necessary app.

Download MX Player apk file and see Screenshots:

App Screenshot-1 App Screenshot-2
 MX Player instraction  MX Player resulation

Features of MX Player apk

  1. Excellent Resolution.
  2. All kinds of video formate supported. Like: AVI, MP4, VOV, FLV, MKV, DAT,3GP and etc other.
  3. Seek option on touch. Just touch and move you finger left or right.
  4. Double tap on the screen for play or pause (optional).
  5. Easily zoom by double finger scrolling on the screen.
  6. Fast and Furious video playing and seeking.
  7. You can use MX Player apk file as an audio player on your android phone.
  8. Scroll up and down for Audible ‍Sound.
  9. Scroll up and down for increase and dis-increase video brightness.
  10. User friendly so MX Player.apk easy to use.
  11. Subtitle supported and subtitle font customizable(font large or small) option.
  12. Gorgeous functions and structure.
  13. And etc others

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Many people do not see the videos without MX Player . It has become an indispensable Apps them. We are offered you free download the player without you android or Google play store. You can download this full free apps from your computer/PC/Laptop/Android/iPad/Pad!. Itis easy to download the android app from your server. Just click on the download button and your download will be start. So download the apk file in the world’s most easy way and it is 100% full free! We want to make easy your android life 🙂

App Details Here:

App Name: MX Player.apk
App Weight: 13 mb only
Offerd by/Source: Blender Foundation
Current App Version: Latest
Supported Android version: 2.1 or later version

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