Smart Launcher 2

Launcher is the main interested things for android phones. Android users can use launcher for his android phones. An Android Launcher is gives a new experience on using android phone. A Launcher is gives a new test to using android phone. So most of the android user use various android launcher for his android device.

There are a lot of launcher is available in web. But most of them is not good. Most of the launcher has slowed your phone.

smart luncher apk download
Smart Launcher 2 is very popular and fast launcher. Up to 25 Millions android device user use Smart Launcher around the world. Samrt Launcher 2 is Simple Light and very much fast. Its gives you a speedy experience on android using. Smart Launcher is very gorgeous for his design and speedy functions. There are many facilities in this launcher. Such as: low resource requirements, so save you phone’s cpu-ram-battery, Easy to open you most usable apps, easy search button for apps-contacts or any other things, excellent notification system, personalize your phone, Hide apps from app menu, create app password to open an app and etc. Usable on any android device. Very flexible to use. So download the launcher and install it on your phone.
Size : 2.0Megabytes Only
Current APK Version : 2.5
Requires Android Version : 2.1 or latter…

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