Terms n Conditions

Terms & Conditions is the most important page for any website. Without terms and conditions a website can not be fulfill ever. So the webmasters are create the “Trams & Conditions” regulation page for their valuable website. The Admin, Editor, Subscribers, Developers and every visitors of our site’s has should must follow the Terms n Conditions below…

Terms and Conditions for our valuable  visitor’s

  1. Comments can not be in immoral;
  2. Comments can not be ignored by anyone;
  3. Comments can not be ignored by any religion;
  4. Comment spam is 100% forbidden in FullFreeApps.com.
  5. If any one try to spam, the spammer will be banned with his IP;
  6. Every one should to respect each other in commenting;
  7. Comments can be done only in English. In other language comment will be deleted form this site;
  8. Above terms and conditions must comply with our visitors and any others.

Terms and Conditions for our valuable Developers

  1. Developers can share his developed Android apps 🙂
  2. A developers can’t share an porn or adult related android apps.;
  3. Contact us for share your developed apps on this site;
  4. If our apk app checker software has found any kinds of android virus in your apps, your app will remove from our server;
  5. Above terms and conditions must comply with our developers.

The visitors and the developers of this site should comply http://www.fullfreeapps.com. If any body can’t comply above terms and conditions; he will be banned from our site with his IP address. All of are specifically requested to comply with.

Thanks to The Admin, Editor, Writer, Developer, Subscriber, valuable visitor and any one, who are helped the FullFreeApps.com.

Allah hafiz.