VLC Media Player Download Free Apps APK file for Android

VLC Media Player Download apk for your android phone from our one click download server! So download VLC Media Player Apps Apk file from our secure server. It is one of the most important and enjoyable app for Android Phone users. There are large number of media player is available at this time. Most of them are disgusting & not popular and some of them popular for performance and friendly user interface. Such as VLC Media player apps. It is the most popular app. As a result android user likes to download vlc app apk files. There are large number of facilities in VLC Media Player app apk. So download apk file from my easy download server.

VLC Media Player is an open source android apps (.apk). It is totally full free apps for android. You can use this apk aps file for life time without any kind of charge. But if you want, you will donate for developing the VLC Media Player. You can download it in free of charge. This Media player is wonderful, fast, subtitle supported, High Quality or High Definition (HD) video supported, all kinds of video format supported and other facilities are available in VLC Media Player apk.

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VLC Media Player Download APK

VLC media player free download for androidVlc media player Download apk

The Features of the VLC Media Player apk for android

  • It is a simple player;
  • Beautiful Structure;
  • Support All kinds of video format. Such as: .mkv .mov .vov .dat .ogg .flac .wav .ts .avi .mp4. .flv .m2ts .3gp and other etc; So quickly done your VLC Media Player Download task!
  • mp3 Audio formatted files are also supported;
  • You can use this player as an audio player with equalizer and audio filtering with available database;
  • You will be not disturbed by seeing any ads! So it is flexible to use;
  • You can develop the player because the source codes are available and totally free!
  • Seeking at any moment or second by using scroll bar or go to button;
  • So the app is easy to use VLC Media Player apk;
  • High resolution and bright video quality;
  • You will able to up and down the video brightness and sound quality by touching screen.

VLC Media Player is another Open Source Media player software. This software has an pc version also. You can use this software in your laptop/computer/pc. VLC Media Player apk is more wonderful between another android media player. So quickly download the android app & install it on your android phone and start enjoying the apps.

VLC Media Player Download file UPDATE Details March 2017

In February of 2017 an update was release by the open source organization. But there is few problem and error found on this update. As a result, another update version has been released for the month of March, 2017.

In this update version has a good user interface with a lot of old and new features! VLC lover can download this update file from this site. We all time share the latest version, new version and old version also! Thanks for stay with us!

App Name: VLC Media Player.apk
App Weight: 12.80mb only
Developed by/Source: Open Souce/Video Lan Corporation
Current App Version: Latest
Supported Android version: 1.0 or later version

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