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WhatsApp old version is the best among all other versions of WhatsApp. Basically, it is a cross-platform free messaging app. It allows the users of Android and other smartphones to share image, text, audio and video messages without any cost. The older version uses the 3G or WiFi data like all latest versions to message others. Besides, this app has many amazing features which will give you a great messaging experience. Now, read the below article to know how to get the WhatsApp old version and you can see the whatsapp version list also!

Features of WhatsApp Old Version

The WhatsApp old version has so many amazing features like all the other features have and those are in the below.

  • You won’t need to spend money for messaging here. You can use this app for messaging unitedly.
  • It is easy to send images, video, and voice messages to others with this app.
  • Here, you can make a group and enjoy your group chats with your contacts friends.
  • It will not cost you international charges. But, you can send messages internationally with it.
  • You don’t need to remember your username or PIN here.
  • Besides, you don’t need to worry about login or logout.
  • This app will automatically add people from your contacts so you don’t need to add them yourself.
  • It will save all your messages when your phone is off or you are on offline.
  • This app can also help you to share contacts, location, set custom wallpapers, and much more.

How to Run WhatsApp Old Version on Android without Update?

You can easily run WhatsApp old version on your Android device with the below steps. Besides, you won’t need to update the app if you will follow the below process.

  1. At first, you need to download and install WhatsApp old version on your device.
  2. Then download the APK Editor app from your phone’s Google Play Store.
  3. After that, search the WhatsApp app on the Google Play Store.
  4. You must now open the APK Editor and click on the button Select APK from APP.
  5. It is time to look for the WhatsApp and click on the common edit button.
  6. Now, you need to change the version name with the latest one you noticed in Google Play Store. Then apply the changes in APK Editor App you have made.
  7. At last, you have to uninstall the pre-installed WhatsApp and install the modified app from the Editor app.

“Whatsapp free apk download”

Whatsapp free apk is one of best Internet calling android app ever. At last up to 90% of android user use whatsApp even once. Abut 50 percent of android user are use what’s app always. The “WhatsApp” is gain his popularity more and more in day by day. This app is renowned for his advanced facilities. Basically WhatsApp old version is more popular for the user! WhatsApp Messenger apk download from your PC by our server. Here is available “latest + old + all version of whatsapp apk file”. N.B. To download the latest version of the app go to our download section (above in the comments area).

WhatsApp Messenger  Screen shots:

App Screenshot-1 App Screenshot-2
 Whatsapp free apk download Latest+Old+All Version   Whatsapp free apk features

Features of Whatsapp free apk

  1. It is 100% free and there is no additional charge or fee. You can use it with our any charge;
  2. Use it via 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or WiFi internet network; Basically WhatsApp old version is better for 2G or second generation mobile phone networks.
  3. No need any add friend system;
  4. Audio call, video call and send Message to your friends and family in a easy way;
  5. Not only call to your own country even all over the world;
  6. Send any kinds of multimedia such as Photos/Images, Audio or Video clip in easy way and free of charge;
  7. A lot of powerful security settings for you!
  8. Make a call to any one by his mobile phone number;
  9. Send an video or a audio message;
  10. View audio, video and message history;
  11. High quality calling server;
  12. Sound quality is better than between any other such kind of android application;
  13.  Audio and videos both calls is very good quality in 3G and 2G network even;
  14. Your contact numbers will be automatically added on whatsApp.apk;
  15. So there’s no need to add hard-to-remember usernames or email;
  16. Any one can share his location and hide his location also;
  17. Share your contact number or friends contact number easily.
  18. Friends can also make a chat group for making a gorgeous habitat, meeting place or a chat club!
  19. First time login is enough, no need to login your account rapidly;
  20. When your android is off, at this time  any one of your friends or family person has send you a messege, whatsApp will save this message on your profile. And when you will switch on your phone you can see you last messages;
  21. Data charge of whats app is free in most of the country. Such as USA, UK, European countries, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India too.
  22. Data charges may apply on some of countries. For details contact your internet service provider;
  23. You can also download some similar apps like whatsapp- imo free video calls and chat, skype, viber, line, voxox apk and tango etc.

Month-wise List of WhatsApp free apk update of 2016

December, 2016 :


As a most popular social communication media app, whats app has been always try to keep him up to date! In this purpose, during the month of December 2017, another version has been release by the whats app authority. This is now a old version and downloadable for the old android os base phone.

November, 2016 :


Wow! it was 2.16.267-451394 and the great version apk! this version was usable on for the very latest and very old android OS boath too! So it was achieved more popularity from the old android user. Because this WhatsApp old version is has an excellent UI (User Interface) of this version was very user friendly. There is another features is available in this update history. Whatsapp authority added a tons of sticker for satisfied the whatsapp user.

October, 2016 :

com.whatsapp Version_2.16.267-451394

In October 2016 whatsapp was released his version of 2.16.267-451394 at GMT 12.43PM, dated on 12 October 2016! The fix some bugs and their apps user interface in the version of October 2016. As a result, from the month of September, 2016 whats app gets more popularity.

September, 2016 :


The Latest Version of whatsapp is 2.16.267-451393 has been published on September, 2016. This version is the most recent apk version of whats app. As a result, It has a lot of facilities to making a high quality internet based video or audio call. Required android operation system version is 2.3.5 or higher.

August, 2016:

com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451392

In August, 2016 whats app authority was released another new version of this awesome app’s APK file. They released another awesome version of whatsapp. To download the version of august, 2016 Click On the above download link. Required version of your android phone is 2.3.4 or up to install on your android operating system devices for installing this WhatsApp old version.

July, 2016:

com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451391

In July 2016, released the version of the app 2.16.267-451391. This app version need android  version 2.3.0. In the July, 2016 a lot of user face many kinds of problem such as network problem, audio call problem, video call problem etc. As a result, whatsapp authority quickly released their new update on August 2016.

June, 2016:

com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451390

Two.Sixteen.TwoHundredSixtySeven -451391 has released. What’s New on the new Update: Bug fix, improve audio and video call quality, more sticker on the sticker store etc.

List of monthly Total Released Update version of whatsapp free apk file

May, 2016: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451389

April, 2016: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451388

March, 2016: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451387

February, 2016: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451386

January, 2016: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451385

Month-wise List of WhatsApp update of 2015

December, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451384

November, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451383

October, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451382

September, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451381

August, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451380

July, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451379

June, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451378

April, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451377

March, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451376

February, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451375

January, 2015: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451374

Month-wise List of WhatsApp update of 2014

December, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451373

November, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451372

October, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451371

September, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451370

August, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451369

July, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451368

June, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451367

April, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451366

March, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451365

February, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451364

WhatsApp old version of January, 2014: com.whatsapp Version 2.16.267-451363

WhatsApp free apk Details: OLD

App Name: WhatsApp Messenger.apk
App Weight:  20.00 mb
Developed/Offered by: WhatsApp Inc.
Current App Version: latest version
Supported Android version: 3.0 minimum

WhatsApp old version is great for his calling performance and user friendly interface. As a result, people who like to communicate with others for free of charge; theirs first like is whatsapp! This free online chat, free video call and free audio call features is very popular. Basically, you can get a heavy privacy of your calling or chatting data.

No one can track you! Even you government can not able to track you about your whatsapp activities! So this apps is very useful for every body who like to communicate with others with a great and fully privately.

We especially emphasis that, you should use the WhatsApp old version application, if you want to make private online calls and chat.

Another feature is sticker! I the authorities server, a lot of free sticker for using free of any kinds of charge. These sticker is very funny and enjoyable. Most of the user like this sticker features.

Some android user use old version of android. As a result, they need to download the old version of wahtsapp. In above we have shared a lot of WhatsApp old version in month wise. You can download the “old version whats app” for installing on your android devices such as: Android phone or android pad.

Also! here is available the latest whatsapp versions always. So as you need, you can download the “latest whatsapp apk file” for free!

So here is all version of whatsapp apk is available. Download the “whatsapp old + whatsapp latest + Whatsapp all version”

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