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whatscall free global calls apk Download for your android from a secure server and tested server ๐Ÿ™‚ Before sharing any apps first of all we test the apps. Especially we upload the most popular free android apps such as whatsapp call apk free download, imo free video calls and chat, voxox apk free download etc more and more! In this article i will describe you a lot of feature of whatscall free global calls, such as how to use whats call and user instructions with whats call login information. Some visitors need to know about whatscall call rates; so i will also, describe this.

First of all, it maybe the best for describe something about-

what is whatscall free global calls?

whatscall free global calls is an online based free audio-video calling and chatting application. This application or app has an apk version for the android user. This apk version uploaded on the android store and the Full Free Apps both. Interested person who wants use the this apps for free calling; if they have any android device such as Android Pad or Android cell Phone, they can able to download whatscall free global calls apk version and install on his android device. The authority of this apps has been released an iOS version, so you can download whats call for iPhone. Also, this app has a PC version, So any one can download whats call pc version even!

But the most popular platform is Android (apk version). Because There is a lot of android user all over the world. As a result, apk version is now very popular downloaded and installed. Almost in every android phone has installed this app.

Android phone is has a cheap price, as a result middle class people and lower class people’s first choose is Google product Android OS based cell phone devices!

This kind of people also, likes to call his mate or friends / family member for free! Android users another interest is for free video calls! User can save his money by using whatscall apk! But how?

WhatsCall apk features, user instructions and whatscall call rates

*Enjoy Calls that are Truly FREE!

whatscall free global calls apk downloadwhatscall apk download features and user instructions

High Quality Voice Calls with whatscall free global calls
HD video call is favorite for every one ๐Ÿ™‚ So this is the most wonderful features for the whats call lovers. This apps is very nice for the high quality video calls.

WhatsCall app to WhatsCall app is free of charge!
This is the best and most popular & useful features for the whats call user. Call app to app in free! If you use free WiFi connections; this is totally free! Most of countries data network service provides maybe give you free data for using whatscall free global calls app.

It gives you free unlimited points for free calls
Install the app and enjoy the free credit for making a free calls. Sometimes it is very helpful for us. Because they give you some free credits for important calls.

Send a Lively awesome Video Message to your friends or others you need
As a passenger of a running life, sometimes we can not opened the apps for all time. So our friends can’t call us. But if this an important call; he can send an useful video message to any one of whatscall user. This video massage is seen like lively.

Make free video calls and audio calls via whatscall free global calls ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you whatscall ๐Ÿ™‚ Why? because save your money ๐Ÿ™‚ It has the main facilities is free audio and video calls. These calls is free of charge!

But data charge is applicable in some of countries. Most of the countries data charge is not applicable for the whatscall. Contact you data service provider for get charge details for this free video calling apps.

As a result, I so much love this android app. I have collected the apk file form the authority resources. It is a tested apk file and free downloadable even!

So no tension, download whatscall apk from our free, fast, secure and tested server. There is a download link available on the download sections of under this whatscall free global calls article.

Before downloading please see some more details about the app:

What’s New on whatscall free global calls New Version apk download

Every android specialist always especially recommended for use updated apps always. Because updated too much important for your android performance and security or privacy protecting also! As a result, every user should use the whatscall free global calls apps update and new version. Here is the new version apps available on the download sections of this website. Go to our download section and download the whatscall’s latest version of who has been released on 25th February of 2017.

whatscall apk download HD Video call

What’s new of the new version apk

  1. WhatsCall is very user friendly and free usable. And this version released very recently. As a result, this is the latest version and new version also!
  2. Before calling your partner, you can see the clock or local time of your partners location. It is so much interesting ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. This new version can not reduce your RAM’s performance. This is a lightweight version.
  4. For the light-weighty version; this new version will be installed very quickly!
  5. Especially, this latest version is for made for the United State and east Asian countries.

ย WhatsCall Old Version apk download

Some user’s mobile phones android version is very low such as android 2.0, 2.2, 3.0 or more low. As a result they can not install the new version. So they searching the whatscall old version apk file for download and install in the old model & old version android OS based devices.

Don’t worry! Full Free Apps is your good friend! Here is also! available another old apk version for your old android OS version’s phone ๐Ÿ™‚ If you searching for whatscall old version apk download; So you have come in the best place for download old version.

Go to our website’s download section; And freely download the old whatscall apk.

The Privacy Policy of whatscall free global calls

Before download or installing any app, every one should first of all read the privacy policy of the app. Every app has a privacy policy. Especially, it is mandatory for the online base free calls app. As a result, every whats call free global calls application has a privacy policy.

Read the policy from the official website. It is important too. After finishing reading the privacy policy, then download the apk file and install.

Official WhatsCall Apk Download

Make a audio, video free call in free of charge all over the world via this android application. But you should download from the official website. Because, most of the times hackers are stand behind you! while you install the malicious apps, they automatically get the administrative role in your android device via the malicious apps.

So download the apps from the official website all time. But downloading from playstore and official website is very hard for us. Because we can not save the apk file if download apps from the android playstore.


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